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Posted by Karen Adelson on 10/31/2017

A real estate agent devotes her entire workday to listing, reviewing, buying and selling property. It's not uncommon for a real estate agent to buy and sell homes in only one city or region. This is where real estate agents earn their chops. Their local or regional focus helps to make them market specialist.

They know what's selling, where the best sells are and at what price. It could take you months, maybe years, to learn what an experienced real estate pro knows. Whether you're buying or selling your house, a real estate agent knows how to negotiate mortgage deals with lenders, other agents and house owners who are working toward direct sells.

You deserve the right answers from your real estate agent

Yet, all real estate agents are not equally experienced, knowledgeable or fully devoted to their clients. Set yourself up for a profitable house buying or house selling experience. Ask your real estate agent these important questions.

How long have you been working full-time as areal estate agent? Top real estate agents, are fully invested in their career. Buying and selling homes isn't a side gig for them. Since markets shift, the more experience agents have, the more likely they are to spot changing trends.In addition to finding out how experienced a real estate agent is, make sure that your agent is in good standing with state licensing agencies.

What types of properties do you generally buy or sell? A real estate agent who mainly buys or sells land properties or commercial properties may not secure the best house deal for you.

About how much do you think I can get for my house in the current market? Answers to this question can reveal how honest a real estate agent is. It can also let you know if you'll get more for your house if you wait a few months to sell or to buy.

Regarding advertising and marketing, what do you do to get the word out about houses you are selling? If you're in the market to buy a house, ask your real estate agent how they research available houses. You want a real estate agent who researches houses in databases, online and in person. You also want an agent who has great personal and business contacts that allow him to know about available houses as soon as they hit the market. Furthermore, agents who work for established realtor agencies may have access to larger databases and more research resources.

How many clients are you currently working for? Good real estate agents are in demand.Just make sure that your real estate agent has the bandwidth to offer you the support that you need.

What are your fees and what's included in your fees? Top real estate agents may have 20 or more clients under contract. This volume could give you more negotiating room when it comes to setting a fee. It could also make an agent hard to reach,which is why you should ask the next question. Find out if services like home staging and open house are included in the fees.

How often will you be in touch? You need to know when to expect to hear from your real estate agent. Also, find out if your agent will contact you in-person, via the telephone, during digital face time or via email.

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Posted by Karen Adelson on 5/16/2017

A realtor is the bridge between your vision and a rewarding house buy or sell. Good realtors find safe, functional houses that meet all of your family's needs at reasonable prices. Good realtors work hard for you, making you a priority. You'd need years of real estate experience to get the results that a great realtor can get for you within a matter of weeks.

What good realtors do and don't do

At the start of their real estate careers, realtors may have good intentions. They might be motivated and inspired. Over time, those positives could erode, especially as markets shift downward and the time that it takes to sell a house lengthens.

Drive to earn commissions in order to pay their own household expenses can also tempt realtors to cut  corners or offer you below the board deals. Here are some signs to look for when hunting for or dealing with real estate agents.

  • The realtor ask you for your honest opinion about houses that he shows you. He doesn't protect his judgments and avoid asking you for detailed feedback about houses that he shows you out of fear that you might say something that could cause him to feel as if he doesn't know where to find the best houses.
  • Real estate agents that you work with know and have working relationships with the area's best mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders, including reputable retail lenders such as those that work at major banks.
  • You won't be encouraged to buy a house if you can't afford to own a house yet. For example, a good realtor won't ask you to take on a $1,700 monthly mortgage if you only gross $50,000 a year and have other household expenses.
  • When you call an effective realtor, she will call you back as soon as possible. A good realtor will also initiate contact with you. She won't wait for you to call or email her before she updates you on the status of your house buy or house sell.
  • Good realtors will let you know if there are areas of the house sell or house buy process that they are novices at. They will bring in more experienced professionals if doing so will yield you a better deal.
  • The workload that the real estate handles will allow her to focus on you.

A bad real estate agent could lengthen the time that it takes for you to sale your house. If you've already bought another house, keeping your former house on the market for several more weeks could put a strain on your ability to stay current in your new mortgage. Remember that you hold the keys to your house buying or selling. If a real estate agent is unresponsive or taking too long to find you a new house or to sell your current home, consider looking for a new realtor.

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