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Posted by Karen Adelson on 11/14/2017

Americans spend hundreds of dollars each month on take out and restaurant food. Think of all the things you could spend your money on if you werenít buying all of that food? Stay home and cook dinner with friends or family and save that money. Here are six essential spices to have in the home to cook flavorful dinner each night. Garlic Powder: Garlic powder is a kitchen staple. It is not the same as using fresh garlic but it still does the trick. Garlic powder pairs well with all foods that you are looking to add that garlicky flavor to including chicken, pasta, steak, rice, potatoes, and much more. Use it alone or add it with other spices and sauces to create rubs and marinades. Ground Cumin: Cumin has an intense flavor that is both nutty and earthy but also slightly spicy. It pairs well with chicken, potatoes, beans, etc. Cumin also pairs well with other spices such as garlic powder, which can be used as a dry rub or added to a marinade. Onion Powder: Onion powder provides the flavor of onion without the actual onion. It goes well with anything that you are trying to add onion flavor to. Itís best used with other seasonings rather then as a standalone seasoning such as in sauces and spice blends. Cajun Seasoning: Cajun seasoning has a bit of heat with bold flavor. Itís a combination of paprika, black pepper, onion, cayenne, thyme, white pepper, garlic and sage. Itís often used in jambalaya, gumbo, dirty rice, and Andouille, but can also be used in much less intricate dishes. This includes fish, chicken, and steak. Red Pepper Flakes: Red pepper flakes are perfect for adding heat to dishes before, during and after being cooked. Red pepper flakes go great on pizza, pasta, chicken, and anything else youíd like to add heat to. Italian Seasoning: Italian seasoning is a combination of multiple spices including rosemary, basil, oregano, and thyme. Adding Italian seasoning to dishes is a simple way to add flavor. It goes well with chicken, potatoes, green beans, and much more. These are just a few of the essential spices and spices blends that you should have in your home. You can create simple or intricate dishes and endless of flavor with these different spices.

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Posted by Karen Adelson on 11/7/2017

Keeping your Closet organized can be a huge headache. Thereís so many components to a closet that it can be hard to tell where to start in the space to create that sense of organization that youíre looking for. With a few of these tips, you can become an organizational wizard! The problem is that we need to know how to organize. If weíre not taught how to organize our own space, we have to learn it somehow! Keep that messy closet at bay and try these suggestions for a well-equipped and organized closet: Use The Spaces You Have The backs of doors are brilliant places to maximize your storage. By using simple pieces that you can purchase at the hardware store, you can make a closet space of your own on the back of a door. You can attach containers and hooks for storage on the door, ensuring enough room for clearance. This is a great place to keep all of your things that you may need to get ready for the next day like outfits, makeup and other essential items for your morning routine. Use The Floor The floor is a great place to store all of your shoes. Since dirt and mud often accumulate on your shoes, the floor of the closet is a great place for them to keep the rest of the house clean and free of mud. Use a tray to keep the dirt at bay inside the closet and keep your shoes organized. Color Code And Label You can actually color code your hangers to group your clothing by season or occasion, the choice is up to you. This can help you to always be able to find that piece of clothing that gets lost in the abyss of your closet. Youíll also always know what you have. Youíll also be able to see what you donít wear more easily so youíll be able to get rid of those pieces of clothing. By labeling bins that are stored in your closet, youíll always know whatís in them and never have to rummage through a bunch of bins to find what youíre looking for. When it comes to using plastic containers, the see-through versions are often best. Even when youíre labeling boxes, being able to physically see what is in each container is an added bonus. Consider Using A Dresser In order to maximize your storage space and organization, consider keeping a dresser inside of the closet. You can label the drawers and have the ability to know what each drawer holds. Even shelving or a bookcase can be helpful in maximizing your storage space inside of an otherwise small closet. Hooks Are Your Friend Although we already talked about placing hooks on the backs of doors, hooks really can be useful anywhere when it comes to closet storage. Place hooks on the inside walls of the closet for additional hanging space for items like purses and bags.

Posted by Karen Adelson on 10/31/2017

A real estate agent devotes her entire workday to listing, reviewing, buying and selling property. It's not uncommon for a real estate agent to buy and sell homes in only one city or region. This is where real estate agents earn their chops. Their local or regional focus helps to make them market specialist.

They know what's selling, where the best sells are and at what price. It could take you months, maybe years, to learn what an experienced real estate pro knows. Whether you're buying or selling your house, a real estate agent knows how to negotiate mortgage deals with lenders, other agents and house owners who are working toward direct sells.

You deserve the right answers from your real estate agent

Yet, all real estate agents are not equally experienced, knowledgeable or fully devoted to their clients. Set yourself up for a profitable house buying or house selling experience. Ask your real estate agent these important questions.

How long have you been working full-time as areal estate agent? Top real estate agents, are fully invested in their career. Buying and selling homes isn't a side gig for them. Since markets shift, the more experience agents have, the more likely they are to spot changing trends.In addition to finding out how experienced a real estate agent is, make sure that your agent is in good standing with state licensing agencies.

What types of properties do you generally buy or sell? A real estate agent who mainly buys or sells land properties or commercial properties may not secure the best house deal for you.

About how much do you think I can get for my house in the current market? Answers to this question can reveal how honest a real estate agent is. It can also let you know if you'll get more for your house if you wait a few months to sell or to buy.

Regarding advertising and marketing, what do you do to get the word out about houses you are selling? If you're in the market to buy a house, ask your real estate agent how they research available houses. You want a real estate agent who researches houses in databases, online and in person. You also want an agent who has great personal and business contacts that allow him to know about available houses as soon as they hit the market. Furthermore, agents who work for established realtor agencies may have access to larger databases and more research resources.

How many clients are you currently working for? Good real estate agents are in demand.Just make sure that your real estate agent has the bandwidth to offer you the support that you need.

What are your fees and what's included in your fees? Top real estate agents may have 20 or more clients under contract. This volume could give you more negotiating room when it comes to setting a fee. It could also make an agent hard to reach,which is why you should ask the next question. Find out if services like home staging and open house are included in the fees.

How often will you be in touch? You need to know when to expect to hear from your real estate agent. Also, find out if your agent will contact you in-person, via the telephone, during digital face time or via email.

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Posted by Karen Adelson on 10/24/2017

This Single-Family in Lexington, MA recently sold for $930,000. This Colonial,Farmhouse style home was sold by Karen Adelson - Barrett Sotheby's International Realty.

1 Utica Street, Lexington, MA 02420


Sale Price

Full/Half Baths
Location! Pristine colonial farmhouse steps from Minuteman bike path, 100+ acres of Lower Vinebrook conservation, and nearby Harrington school & Lexington Center. Set on a lovely corner lot at the top of a dead end street, this home is surprisingly spacious with nice light and an open floor plan for today's lifestyle. Updated kitchen with quartz countertops, center island, and new stainless appliances opens onto a breakfast area with vaulted ceiling. Flexible floor plan with front-to-back living area can be used as a large family room or living-dining combo, with another room for a formal dining, study, or playroom. Second floor offers 3 spacious bedrooms and 2 full baths, including a master suite with spa bath and private stairway. Walk-up 3rd floor with high ceilings and basement with half bath offer potential for expansion. The porch leads to a patio and professionally landscaped grounds. This wonderful home has been meticulously cared for and thoughtfully updated. Move in & enjoy!

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Posted by Karen Adelson on 10/24/2017

When you move into a home that you worked so hard to buy, itís an exciting and overwhelming time. The biggest problem with a new place is that you donít know your surroundings very well. Even if you have just moved down the street, thereís a lot of new things to be discovered from new neighbors to new places to explore. 

One thing that many new homeowners overlook is the way in which their new home functions. Do you know where the circuit breakers are? What about that switch in the corner of the living room that doesnít seem to do anything? While the seller's disclosure and your home inspector will give you a wealth of information, you can gain a lot of knowledge just by asking questions. 

Sellers may not be eager to answer too many questions at first for fear that their answers could jeopardize the sale of their home. You can safely ask a lot of questions at the final walk-through or at closing since the seller will know that theyíre secure in the transaction.         

Whatís Strange About This House?

While you wouldnít word a question to a seller in this exact way, you do want to know if thereís anything unique or anything that you should anticipate about the home. Remember that you should be subtle, yet curious in your question asking. 

What Type Of Repairs Have Been Made?

While you expect that most repairs will be on the disclosure statement, anything that has been done in the past is noteworthy as well. Itís helpful to know whatís been done in the house in the past so you have an idea of what to keep an eye out for.

Where Are The Important Utility Boxes In The Home?

Not all home inspectors are created equal. Your inspector may not be great at educating you as to where things are in the home like the circuit box, the water switches, the pump, or the controls for the furnace. The seller can often show you the location of these items in the house. This will prevent you from a lot of confusion starting at the time you move into the home. 

Have You Enjoyed Living In This Neighborhood?

You can discover a lot about a neighborhood if you just start a conversation about the sellerís own experiences. You can learn a lot through this simple question. Are there any crazy dogs in the neighborhood? Where are the best places to eat in the area? While you may not ask these questions directly, you can gain some powerful information just by being curious and conversational.

Gaining a good rapport with your seller can get you places. Youíll know a bit more about the home and the seller will even feel more friendly towards you. The seller could even leave some cool stuff behind that they donít need like a microwave, a piece of furniture, or a patio set. All you need to do is be friendly and curious and youíll be off to a great start in your new home.

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